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Oil Heating Units

Modern heating systems of small dimensions with complete equipment.

The oil heating units are modern heating systems of small dimensions with complete equipment.
Due to their small dimensions, they can be installed in very small places safely. This is achieved with the two safety systems (heating fuse, safety and relief valve) that they have.

An oil heating unit in combination with the appropriate European burners achieves high efficiency and silent function.Silent function is also achieved due to sound and thermal insulation which is at the inner side of the unit’s panels.The accessories of the oil heating unit include the appropriate circulator and the blow-off pot, both constructed in Europe.

The main technical characteristics are the big heat exchange surfaces and the appropriate quantities of water in order to produce the real nominal therms.They meet all the requirements subjected to the Directive 92/42 ECC (PfA 335/ 16-8-1993).

There are two models of oil heating units: The model “ΣΘ” with vertical fire tubes and the model “MEM” with diaphragms.

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