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See bellow some of our projects

» Two parts oil boiler 1260 kw

Two parts oil boiler,nominal power 1260 kw.
The final weight is 2764 kgr
The maximum working pressure is 6 bar,testing pressure is 9 bar.
Replacing an old boiler in hotel


» Hotel in Bulgaria

Pellet boiler 175 kw in companition with pellet burner B-TWO.
Serves the needs of heating and hot water in hotel in Bulgaria.

» Heating system with pellet boiler

Central heating system with pellet boiler PBF 59kw
in combination with ferroli burner SP-12. 


» Ermou Street, 2

Oil Boiler 650,000 calories divided transferred piece by piece in the basement boiler room by stairs, narrow corridor.

» Karolou Ntil Street, 14

Oil Boiler 150,000 calories divided placed underground boiler room next to an existing boiler. The location of the boiler was too small so they can not be done fieldwork



» University of Komotini

Gas boilers with nominal output 600.000 kcal/h.
Replacement two old oil boilers. The operating pressure is 5 bar 

» Solar water heaters for hotel

Installation of 8 solar water heaters for the production of DHW in replacement
system with oil boiler.


» House in Kalohori Thessaloniki

One of many boilers are installed is located Kalochori Thessaloniki.
Boiler  LSK 47 kw in combination with pellet burner.
The boiler heats buffer tank 1000 liters for two houses with a total area of 250 sq. meters
and 2 boilers for hot water  total capacity of 300 liters.

» Wood boiler 815 kw

» Multi fuel boiler (oil-gas) 1160 kw


» Big power boiler for biofuels (pitted olive)

590 kilowatt power boiler for heating greenhouse  in Skala, Laconias.
It is the third boiler supplied to the same customer over 15 years, having an even function in the first two. The supply of fuel is made from the back side of the boiler.


Oil and gas boilers

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Multifuel Boiler type DBM

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