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Trying continuously to satisfy the requirements of our clients

In GROUP STANDARD’s vertical production unit, we construct products of comparable or better quality in comparison with many other Greek and European factories. However, we do not content ourselves with what we have succeeded so far.

Trying continuously to satisfy the requirements of our clients, we follow two main standards. The first one is to follow strictly the European norms concerning our products’ construction. This is achieved by excellent materials and modern production methods.

The second one is to design and improve continuously our products in order to be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. In that way, we succeed to produce both quality and efficient products.

In the frame of our policy, all our products have been certified by a recognized accreditation body, which make regular annual inspections of our production. For out all our products, there is the correspondent certificate of conformity.

Oil and gas boilers

Wood Boilers

Multifuel Boiler type DBM

Pellet boiler

Oil Heating Units

Solar Water Heaters

Storage tanks for pellet

Metal Tanks

Boiler and Oil Heating Accessories

Riello Burners