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Compact Unions STH

GROUP STANDARD compact unions are constructed with materials of strict quality and durability specifications


GROUP STANDARD compact unions are constructed with materials of strict quality and durability specifications, and in accordance with the European standards EN 303-1 and EN 303-3 in order to satisfy the relevant provisions of the Direction (92/42 EEC) concerning the boiler efficiency requirements.
These modern, environmentally friendly heating systems of small dimensions with complete equipment provide autonomy and energy saving.

All the models of the series have a CE certification.

Heavy construction, high efficiency, perfect heat load distribution, big heat exchange surfaces, excellent insulation, real nominal therms, easy maintenance and big service life are the main features of GROUP STANDARD compact unions.

The use of fire tubes in combination with fume gas retarders and the diaphragm stack achieve low exit temperature of exhaust gases. That results in the efficient and economic function of the compact union.
The maximum possible heat insulation (glass wool 80 mm deep, of big density with a cover of reflective aluminum foil on the boiler body and foam insulating compound inside and outside its covers) contributes to the high efficiency rate, as well.

This foam insulating compound contributes to the silent function of the compact union as it constitutes a sound insulating material at the same time.Every part of the compact union has been chosen, after being subjected to strict controls and tests by the best factories in Europe.

The control panel of the compact union includes a separate thermostat, a circulator, a burner, a thermal fuse and a net thermometer.Its small dimensions permit their safe installation.

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» Technical Variations:

Ατομικές Μονάδες με φλογοαυλούς
Type Power

kw kcal
ΣΘ-20 23 20,000
ΣΘ-26 30 26,000
ΣΘ-35 40 35,000

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