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Junior Series

Boilers up to 116KW


JUNIOR series, which includes boilers up to 116 KW, is the same boiler as this one of “A” series, but the insulation of the boiler body is less thick (30mm thick) and the panels do not cover the whole boiler.

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» Technical Variations:


kw kcal
ΤΖ-001-30 35 30.000
ΤΖ-01-40 47 40.000
ΤΖ-001-50 58 50.000
ΤΖ-002-60 70 60.000
ΤΖ-02-75 87 75.000
ΤΖ-02-90 105 90.000
ΤΖ-02-100 116 100.000

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